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Choosing a lawyer for your legal matters does not have to be a trying task.

When the stakes are high, it is vital to have an experienced and well-respected attorney on your side. Praised by his colleagues, Adam A. Kretowicz, Esq provides a highly knowledgeable and individualized assessment of your case as well as zealous representation to achieve the desired result.


As a seasoned criminal defense and family law attorney, Mr. Kretowicz has received numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. He has been a special guest on both CNN and Nancy Grace and was named one of Boston Magazine's "Top Attorneys In Massachusetts". The American Trial Lawyers also named him one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America. Adam A. Kretowicz - Determined. Respected. Successful.

When it comes to family law matters -including divorce, paternity, child support or custody matters-it can be a difficult and emotional process. You must make sure that you have experienced legal representation so you can understand your rights before you make important decisions. Each family Jaw matter is unique and it is not enough to know what happened to your family and friends in their case.


Attorney Kretowicz will help you define your personal objectives and then fight to protect your interests. When children are involved, he will help you fight for what is in their best interest. With years of experience, Attorney Kretowicz understands the delicate balance between zealous advocacy and the negotiations necessary to a successful resolve.

Whether you are facing legal consequences for a DUI, drug or other criminal offense, Adam A. Kretowicz, Esq can provide you with experienced legal defense and assure that your rights are protected. With over thirty years practicing as a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Kretowicz is an expert in navigating the Massachusetts criminal justice system and has achieved many, many positive results for his clients.

Whether it is a criminal case or family law, do not try to defend yourself in a complex, often bewildering judicial system. Wrong choices made without benefit of counsel can impact you for years to come. You need a seasoned and well-regarded attorney on your side. Adam A. Kretowicz, Esq will fight aggressively to protect your rights and interests. If you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer or divorce attorney, contact the law Office of Adam A. Kretowicz, Esq today.

  • Determined

  • Respected

  • Successful

  • Boston Magazine: One of the   Top Attorneys In Massachusetts

  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers By The American Trial Lawyers -2010

Protect Your Interests in a Divorce, Child Support or Custody Matters

Fight for your rights in criminal matters

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Special Guest On CNN & Nancy Grace

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Adam A. Kretowicz, ESQ has specialized in both criminal law and family law representation for your friends and family located in the Greater Boston metro area and in most of the Commonwealth counties areas.


Adam has been featured as a special guest on CNN and Nancy Grace.


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Adam A. Kretowicz, ESQ


Adam A. Kretowicz, ESQ

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Don't go to a hearing alone, you need legal representation.

Don't go alone for a hearing to determine if a complaint should be issued against you after receiving summons. Don't try to defend yourself at this legal process as it is the first step in the issuance of criminal charges against you. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney who is equipped to handle the hearing can get the charges dismissed if possible.

You need the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney who fully understands the criminal proceedings and knows how the police and clerks evaluate cases. He can identify the problems in a criminal charge and focuses on them to get a complaint dismissed. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side makes an impression to the court that you are serious and aware that you will receive a criminal record if the complaint against you proceeds. Attorney Adam A. Kretowicz, ESQ has found that most clerk magistrates will listen to all mitigating factors and will entertain alternative solutions if the parties can settle without filing a criminal case against you. Our firm has been successful in negotiating with the police before the hearing and working out settlements which have been satisfactory not only to the police but to our clients.

Why hire a criminal defense attorney for your case?

• Outstanding warrants

• Probation violations

• Shoplifting

• Disorderly conduct

• Record sealing

• Sentencing hearings

• Probable cause hearings

Skilled representation at your hearing for:

Over 20 years of zealous representation in all criminal and family law matters

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